Happy Pi Day! In honor of this gloriously nerdy holiday, I’m dedicated my very first Friday Favorites to geeky knitting. Here are some of my favorite geek-chic knitting projects from Ravelry.

© elaysee

Elaysee’s Amber Mutation
Pattern: Denature

© wattsolak
© NoTailKit

Wattsolak’s Octopus Fingers
Pattern: Kraken Knuckles

NoTailKit’s Trilobite Cloche
Pattern: Trilobite

© wooling

    wooling’s Robot’s need love, too
    Pattern: Love Bytes

© snoedrago

    snoedragon’s 9 3/4 owls
    Pattern: Hogwart’s Express

If you’d like to join in on the Friday Favorites fun, let me know, and I will gladly share a link to your blog featuring some of your favorite crafty projects.

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