Any day there is a box of yarn waiting at the door when you get home is a good day.

Inside was a lovely assortment of yarn from KnitPicks for a few projects I have in mind. The teal, mustard, and heather gray is going to become a short-sleeved caramel cardigan inspired by this version by bluedogwoolies.


I immediately fell in love with the idea of the colorslide sweater when I first saw it, but I think I want to make it a cardigan rather than a pullover. I selected some spring-inspired colors to work out this pattern for myself.


And I want to make one for my sister, too. Hopefully she’ll like the color combination. If not, I can always keep it for myself.

I’m looking forward to casting on soon (new yarn always gives me the itch to start a new project), but I need to finish up at least one of the products I currently have going before I take on something else. All these lovely colors give me more inspiration to finish up my current sweater so I can start on one of these.

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  1. It’s so nice to come home to a box at your doorstep – and I find Knit Picks never disappoints. Their yarn is nice and affordable – have fun with your new projects; the colors are very pretty.

  2. OK, so I saw that Caramel sweater and thought “oooh, that’s nice, must queue it!” … and then saw it’s already in my queue. So, you have excellent taste, is my point!

    All that yarn is gorgeous. It’s been a while since I took a nice free-shipping trip around Knit Picks.

    • Who can pass up a lovely, free cardigan?! I love looking through the Caramel projects for all the different ways people have customized the pattern. Very inspiring.

      For me, it is so easy to spend way too much (time and money) on Knit Picks. 😉 Happy shopping!

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