Reading: I’m about halfway through Cinder by Marissa Meyer. It’s a futuristic take on the Cinderella story, and, so far, I think it’s decently entertaining. The writing isn’t the best out there, but the story and characters are interesting. Although you know the general gist of the story, the author has worked in enough of her own unique story that it doesn’t become too predictable.

Watching: A and I went and saw the new Muppets movie this weekend, Muppets: Most Wanted. Who doesn’t love the Muppets, no matter your age? As always, the movie was goofy and pretty adorable. And it has some pretty funny parts. Sometimes what you need in a movie is just an escape where no higher thinking is required – this movie definitely satisfies that itch.

Also, Walter had some of the most adorable tiny knitted sweaters. I told A that I wanted to make him one of each. He was thrilled, obviously. Who wouldn’t want a Muppet’s wardrobe?

Knitting: This week I found myself working on the start of a new sweater (come back Wednesday for a peek), as well as my broken seed stitch socks. More updates on both projects later this week.

Misc: And I can’t help bragging a little, because what is a blog for if you can’t brag on yourself? On a work related note, I found out on Friday that my latest scientific manuscript (the first for my Ph.D. work) has been accepted into the American Journal of Physiology. It’s still really exciting for me to have my work published and I can’t wait to see the article in press. A year of work summed up in just a few pages…

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