Remember when I got a lovely delivery of yarn for Knit Picks and said I wouldn’t start on the projects until I finished off one of my other WIPs? Yeaah… about that. I gave in. I succumbed. I couldn’t resist the lure of the new yarn. It. was. too. powerful.

And so here we are – knitting a new sweater. The pattern is Colorslide by Nichole Nehrig, and it’s actually written more like a formula for the sweater. You basically do your swatch to figure out your gauge and then use that to figure out the number of stitches and rows you need to complete the sweater to your very own personal measurements. It’s great for someone who has a basic idea of what goes into knitting a sweater, but wanted to have a bit more freedom in the sweater measurements. I love it because it is really teaching me a lot about how to customize a sweater as you go. 

And although this is worked on relatively small needles (2.75mm), it is actually working up really quickly. The stockinette body makes for great tv knitting, but the charted color change keeps my interest and gives me something to look forward to. 
With its light weight and spring colors, I think this will be a perfect pull-over for cool spring mornings and evenings. 
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2 Comments on WIP Wednesday: Spring colorslide

  1. It’s looking good so far! I like the colours you chose, and can’t wait to see it completed. I’ve only ever made baby/toddler sweaters. I’m afraid if I made one for me (or another adult), it wouldn’t fit right, or it would take me so long to make that I’d never finish it. One day, though, I’d like to make a sweater.

    • The best thing about making your own sweaters is you get to try them on as you go! That way they fit your perfectly. I also work on my sweaters while doing smaller projects, so I keep myself from getting bored n

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