I haven’t baked in a loooong time. That’s three extra ‘o’s, so you know it’s been a while. But this morning I was inspired by the idea of afternoon tea and cake (blame all the British period pieces I’m always watching). There was just something about a sunny Sunday afternoon…

After a long, lonely winter on top of the fridge, my poor stand mixer could really use some action (and it also need a bit of degreasing on the top… ew). I decided on the double chocolate loaf cake from BBC Good Food. You can never go wrong with something that has ‘double chocolate’ in the title. Plus, a recipe from the BBC means it has to be an authentic cake to have with tea, right?

Who bothers measuring out chocolate chips? This is one part of baking that is not a science – just follow your chocolatey heart. Your intuition on the measurement of chocolate chips can not lead you astray. Plus, a few extra chocolate chips never hurt anyone.

I may have licked the mixing paddle. Just a little bit. I had really missed that ‘baking’ smell in our house. It just makes you feel cozy and happy inside. I kept peeking into the oven waiting for the cake to finish because there’s just nothing quite like the first bite of warm chocolate cake fresh from the oven. 

After some very messy artistic splooshing (that’s the technical term) of melted chocolate across the top, I had myself a lovely chocolate loaf cake. Would you like some tea with that?

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  1. That looks absolutely fantastical! We’ve been watching The Great British Bake Off on Youtube, and so I’m feeling quiet sold on the idea of British baking too. 🙂

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