I always seem to find myself drawn to the leaf/petal lace motif. I’ve made probably three projects involving lace, and I think they all involved some variant of this motif. It’s a leaf lace addiction. It’s just so pretty.

So while browsing through the Summer 2013 Knitscene, I, of course, was immediately drawn to the Calico shawl. I can be quite predictable, sometimes. So, I selected skein of hand dyed merino wool from Toil and Trouble yarns in a lovely dusty shade of pink to cast on this weekend.

I got off to a little bit of a rocky start, having to completely redo the first chart when I realized I had done one less repeat of the motif than I was supposed to. Oops. Let’s just say this pattern does not have the most descriptive instructions, so it really requires some careful chart reading and stitch counting. But after a re-start, I was making decent progress. Until…

Until I realized Sunday night that the pattern called for 800 yards, and I only had 400. Again, me demonstrating my amazing pattern reading skills. Double oops. And, of course, this colorway is no longer available in the Toil and Trouble Etsy shop.

But it is just looking so pretty already. I can’t bring myself to rip it out again. So for now, I’ve convinced myself that it is entirely possible for me to make this in a shawlette, rather than a full shawl. I think the only aspect of the pattern this adjustment that will really take some tweaking is figuring out the border.

But it should work, right? Adjusting full shawls into half the size is totally plausible, right? This decision won’t bring me tears or waste hours of work, right?

Thanks, that’s what I thought. I feel better about this whole thing already.

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  1. My first post didn’t make much sense. So, find out how many sts you would be increasing to for the full size shawl. Subtract the edge st count. Then divide that number in half. The new number should be divisible by the chart repeat count for the 1st row of the border. Say I increased to 246 sts and had 3 edge sts each side. 246 – 6 = 240. Looking at my border chart I see I need a repeat of 12 sts, 240 divided by 12 = 20 repeats. I take the 240 and divide it by 2 for a total of 120. 120 is 10 repeats of 12. So this will mean I repeat the border 10 times across the shawlette instead of 20 times over the shawl. I basically cut the shawl in half. Hope that makes sense.

    • Thanks for the help! I’ve been weighing my yarn as I go so I can tell how much is getting used up as I increase. I think I can actually make it longer than the half size, so we’ll see where I end up.

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