When your week starts out with you breaking an expensive piece of lab equipment essential to your research, you know it’s going to be a rough one. But all your troubles can be forgotten (or at least momentarily pushed aside) with a good recipe for the weekend. And I’ve figured out how to do it right. Follow this fool-proof recipe, and you are sure to chase away your weekday blues.
1. Spend a few hours ogling, petting, and drooling over some gorgeous yarn at the Toronto Knitter’s Frolic. 

If the Knitter’s Frolic isn’t available, your local yarn store will suffice. Bringing along a similarly minded, knitting/yarn obsessed friend/significant other/pen pal is highly recommended to achieve optimal results.

2. Momentarily, in a time of bliss, forget that you are on a student’s stipend, and let down your inhibitions (e.g. drop some cash on some majorly lovely yarns).

For best results, take advantage of rare and/or locally produced yarns you can’t find in above mentioned yarn store. You can substitute any beautiful, hand dyed yarn to achieve similar feelings of euphoria.

3. Finish with a generous helping of some homemade citrus sangria.

Most alcoholic beverages will be more than sufficient to meet this step.

Happy weekend! I hope you all have a great one.

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