Here’s a peak at one of the projects I’m working on this week: a striped version of the hitchhiker scarf. It’s been my commuting project this week, and (besides meaning I’m headed home) I’ve really looked forward to working on it each day. The yarn is the Misti Alpaca Pima Cotton & Silk blend I bought at the Knitter’s Frolic this past weekend. I am in love. It’s drapey (people say that about yarn, right?) and squishy and soft, and I love the vivid colors. 
Let’s catchup:
Knitting: The hitchhiker shawl travels with me to and from work each day. I’m also casting on a pair of My Cup of Tea socks tonight, as I just finished my last pair of socks yesterday (more info on Friday). 
Reading: About halfway through The Girl Who Fell Below Fairyland… My slow progress is not a reflection of the quality of this piece, just my busy schedule. 
Watching: Game of Thrones, season 3. I’m behind, but not spoiler free. Also, my drive to stay on top of this series is diminished by my deep seated resentment towards it. I am still not over the fact that it has such popularity when the superior series Rome is often overlooked. 
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7 Comments on WIP: Hitchhiker scarf

    • I find it to be relatively mindless. You only have to keep track of when you get to the point where you make the zig zags through binding off stitches. And for me it is working up really quickly, which I also like.

  1. The colors you chose for this are so vibrant together! Although, looking at so many ends to weave in, I must also applaud your fortitude…

    You would recommend the series Rome, then? I’ve been looking for a nice long series to put on while I knit.

    • Yes, lots of ends to weave in, unfortunately. I’m hoping my love for the finished scarf will power me through.

      I would highly recommend Rome, as long as you aren’t afraid of some blood and gore and nudity. It’s an HBO series, after all. But as a bit of historical fiction (it blends historic events/people with fictional characters), it is sublime. One of my all time favorites.

  2. Love the colours!! And thanks for the link to the My cup of tea socks. One more pattern added to my queue 😉
    I really like Game of Thrones, but I think the books are better. And I might have to check out Rome as I love series like this.

    • Beautiful free sock patterns are the best, aren’t they?!

      If you like GoT, you will like Rome, too. Kind of the same idea, but with history instead of magic. You’ll probably recognize a few of the actors from GoT, too. 😉

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