Another weekend, another reason for sangria. This is becoming a bit of a habit, isn’t it? At this rate, I feel like I should start a blog meme for Sangria Saturday.

For me, homemade sangria is a fun way to take advantage of in-season fruit. It’s still a bit early on in the spring up here, so there’s not a lot of local fruits available. (No offense, Georgia, but Ontario peaches are some of the best I’ve ever had.) Till then, I’ll just use whatever is on sale at the market. This week I thought I’d try a mango, strawberry, raspberry, and mint combo. Homemade sangria is so easy – in just a few steps you have something fresh and slightly inebriating (just how I like my springs/summers).

In a pitcher, add:
1. Fresh mint – smooshed a bit (I believe the technical term is crushed, but the action feels more like smooshing to me). I basically just use the bottom of a glass to smoosh it and release it’s awesome minty powers.
2. About half a pint of some fresh raspberries.
3. Some sliced strawberries – eye ball it.
4. Some diced mango… again, eye ball it. I like my sangria with lots of fruit. It soaks up lots of alcohol, but I can convince myself it’s good for me because it’s fruit, and you are always hearing you need to eat more fruit (it’s not my fault no one specified how I was to obtain this extra fruit).
5. Now the good stuff. I went with a bottle of Sauvignon blanc, but almost any white wine with a bit of a fruity taste will work. I also add in a bit of lemon-lime or grapefruit soda.
6. Ta-da! All done. It’s pretty, it’s yummy, it the perfect weekend drink for sipping and sharing.

Try your own fruity combinations and have fun! Be sure to share if you stumble upon something simply delicious (like there’s a sangria that isn’t…please.)

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