Project: Hitchhiking :: Pattern: Hitchhiker :: Yarn: Misti Alpaca Tonos Pima Silk

I loved this pattern. I loved this yarn. I love this scarf. It came out even better then I imagined (don’t you love it when your ideas turn out to actually be good ones?!). I couldn’t resist these colors and how they looked together, so I decided to adapt the hitchhiker pattern to be a bit of a gradient scarf – slowly shifting from green to purple by changing the width of the stripes. 
This is my first time working with pima cotton. I’ve always been kind of hesitant about working with cotton because my only experience with it really is the stiffer stuff mostly used for knitted washcloths. But this yarn is so soft and lovely. I have enough yarn left over that I’m thinking of working a matching hat for springtime. 
I highly recommend the hitchhiker pattern (and with over 14,000 projects, I must not be the only one). I worked on this almost exclusively while commuting to & from work and it was a great travel project because of it’s simplicity. 

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