I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but in the past week I went just a wee bit dyeing crazy nuts cuckoo over enthusiastic. I basically tore through my stash looking for any white/cream/neutral colored skein of yarn I owned. And it didn’t stop there. I had already ordered some more wool yarn to handdye some sock yarn for myself, but it hasn’t arrived yet. So cool my jets and wait for the package of snowy, wooly goodness to arrive? Heck, no. A lack of undyed yarn can’t hold me back! I’m a dyeing maniac (if you misplace that ‘e’ in dyeing this statement has a completely different meaning…). Let me at all the yarns!

So I next raided the stash for any leftover or lonely skeins of yarn that could be overdyed. Overdyeing is basically taken a skein of yarn that is neglected or a bit color-ly challenged (we all have those ‘why did I buy this?’ skeins) and using the dye to transform it into a skein-of-a-different-color… literally. It’s like going to the yarn store and splurging on brand new yarn but you don’t actually have to go out and avoid eye contact on the subway.  And even better, it only costs you some food coloring and latex gloves.

So I had a bit of fun with that. I kettle dyed three skeins of Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Worsted (originally a dusky light purple) into variegated purple, red, and blue. I think those will become either a honey cowl or a lonely tree shawl this fall. I also dyed 1150 meters of Italian superwash wool that was originally a robin’s egg blue (a more grown up way of saying baby blue) with magenta and a quick swirl of purple to get a nice, bright berry pink and purple variegation. I really want it to become a shifting sweater, but a looking back cardigan could be nice, too.

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  1. ohhh, the wool of the andes turned out so gorgeous! and the other one, I would never have guessed used to be robin’s egg blue!

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