Project: Belgravia in Summer tee ::: Pattern: Belgravia tee ::: Yarn: Knit Picks Comfy Fingering in Hollyberry

I know it’s hard to believe, but I finished something else besides socks! I have had this project in mind for awhile now, but set it aside until the weather was warmer (because I always want to wear what I finish right away). Well, the weather is warmer and I’ve finished up my tee.

I am really, really proud of this project. To me, the best compliment a knitter could receive is someone being amazing and surprised that your garment is handmade. We all tell ourselves that the little blips and bobbles in our projects give them character and those things can be the fun of making handmade items. But really, deep down (or for perfectionists, not so deep at all), we really do want our work to look polished and professional because in a way it means we’ve mastered the craft. I think I’ve gotten one step closer to that goal with this project.

It’s my first time ever seaming a project. After hearing how terrible, horrible, no good, very bad seaming is, I will admit I had avoided projects that required seaming like the plague. It was all worked in the round for me. But, I couldn’t resist this tee, so I decided the time had come to tackle the seaming giant. Here’s a secret… it wasn’t really that horrible. It took a long time, yes, but the process wasn’t as frustrating and hair-pull-inducing as I had assumed it would be. (I actually kind of didn’t mind it.) And I think I actually did an okay job of it.

So I’m happy. Happy in my lovely Belgravia in Summer tee.

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  1. It looks like a perfect fit on you. I have done a fair amount of projects with seaming and I prefer not to, mostly because I take forever to sew everything together!

    That looks beautiful on you!

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