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Knitting: Like the truly crazy person that I am, I am knitting a pullover in summer. I just… couldn’t stop myself. After I overdyed all that yarn for a Shifting sweater, I couldn’t wait to cast on. And now, literally, as I write this blog post looking at my sweater and the pictures of the sweaters online, I realize I have done the front chart completely wrong. So there will be some major frogging of this sweater in my future. (Boo.) But the yarn is looking nice knit up (must try to stay positive). I also have cast one a new pair of socks, some Froot Loop socks, in some handpainted yarn I dyed this past weekend. No disastrous mistakes on those yet… but I’m only at the end of the cuff.

Reading: This week I started The Girls at the Kingfisher Club by Genevieve Valentine. It’s a “modern” take on a fairytale set in the 1920’s. It basically has my name written all over it.

Watching: The World Cup… so much soccer/football. I’m not a soccer fan, but Andy is, so I have watched way more soccer in the past couple of weeks then I ever thought was possible. Fortunately, the US games have been decently exciting, so hopefully the outcome of tomorrow’s game will mean we continue on.

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  1. I just frogged six inches of a sweater I started last Thursday… Down to the cast on edge. You’ll thank yourself later when you fix it, even if it’s painful in the process! Good luck!

  2. bummer about the unknitting that is a sad event, but just think how super easy it will be the second time around assuming you are correct 🙂 Lovely yarn! I don’t think your crazy at all for knitting a sweater in the summer, that is what crazy knitters do 🙂

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