Ravelry is a great place for finding knitting inspiration (and getting into some major trouble coveting patterns and yarns). But let’s just say I can get a bit carried away adding things to my queue or favorites. And I find that my inspirations can change so quickly, that if I organized things into some sort of order one day, it would probably change completely the next. So here’s an attempt at minor organization for some projects I am currently inspired by.

I have some lovely tea green wool that is just begging to be made into the keynote cardigan. I think the little keynote cables will look lovely and floral in green like little curling fern leaves. One of my favorite things about this cardigan: the use of the keynote cables along the raglan increases of the sleeves. Plus, I have yet to complete a classic cardigan for myself, which would be a definite staple in my closet.

My poor Moroccan nights sweater has been sitting in my WIP bucket for ages now. It’s so pretty and the silk blend yarn is so drapey, but for some reason I can’t get my butt in gear and complete it. I want to get it done before the end of summer so it can get some decent wear this fall. 

Okay, it’s a cardigan with little umbrella motifs. And it’s called Pluie. Hello, adorable. I want to do mine with a cream base and the umbrellas changing colors with purples, green, and yellow. Happy little pops of color to brighten up the grey days of rain and snow. This will be my first intarsia project + seaming, so I can see this project taking a bit of time. But I do think that changing colors will keep my interest and drive me to complete this great cardigan.

Fully disclosure: I’ve already got this one cast on and the back is almost complete – the Beverly tee is definitely a quick knit. It doesn’t hue that it’s a tank top that is missing half the back and is worked in worsted weight yarn. And I kind of love working with cotton now to create these fun summer tops. Projects that come together quickly always keep full of those “good knitting vibes” that push me to keep growing and exploring.

Lots I want to accomplish, but I’m in love with all of the pieces right now, so I hope I can keep that level of excitement up. What are you inspired by right now? What are your summer knitting plans? (Go ahead, be an enabler… I love exploring new projects and inspirations).

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  1. I’m making socks. Socks of all kinds, but right now my favorite book is Sensational Knitted Socks. I can’t wait until you start posting about the little sweater umbrella. It looks like it would be really cute.

  2. My queue is out of control, so is my library but I like to put patterns in both….so I keep going. Ravelry is the ultimate rabbit hole to fall into and get lost in 🙂

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