There are some days at work when parts of my day are just spent waiting. And this waiting can sometimes take up to five hours. Five hours of watching a line of blue dye move through a gel at an excruciatingly slow pace (I shouldn’t complain… 5 hours is better than the 45 I had to wait for some experiments to work). These days are deemed “Bring your knitting to work” day.

I usually bring my knitting with me to work everyday so I have something to work on during my commute. But on “Bring your knitting to work” day, my knitting gets to come out and keep me company in the lab. I can usually read while working on a simple project, so knitting is a good way to keep my hands busy while I try to catch up on reading scientific papers. (Okay, full disclosure – the knitting is a way to try to keep my somewhat sane when reading gems like the one above. Just look at that title! Riveting. It was a real page turner. Are you catching all this sarcasm?)

It’s on these days that knitting keeps this from happening in the lab. Sometimes. After three hours of reading, the remaining two hours are a perfect time to catch some zzz’s when you are the only person in the lab. The lab nap is a scientific rite. You know you’ve made it when you find yourself sleeping in the lab. Just remember to set a timer or all that waiting will have been for naught when your gel run fails (not that this has ever happened to me).

This week:

Knitting: Keen eyed readers may notice that, yes, that is the sleeve for my Pluie cardigan. It’s actually the second sleeve – I’m almost there! If you are suffering from knitted umbrella motif withdrawal after the last few weeks of updates, don’t worry, I’ll have the cardigan finished soon.

Reading: I’m about half way through Days of Blood and Starlight. I also picked up two new books at the used book store: The Twistrose Key and Sea of Shadows which I look forward to starting soon.

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  1. We are moving back to Toronto in a few weeks! Lovely city! 🙂

    Your post had me laughing. Our days are so different. I can barely grab a minute to knit between wiping faces and kissing scraped knees!

  2. I really enjoy your sense of humor, thank you for making me laugh out loud. I used to love working the night shift at my last job because it meant I could bring my knitting with me. Working in a nursing home, it’s the only shift with any down time. I haven’t mastered reading and knitting at the same time, I’ll have to work on that so I can read more blogs while knitting.

    Knitting in Pearls

    • Getting a chance to knit at work is great. Wish I had more of a chance without feeling guilty – it’s because I’m pretty slow at reading while knitting and can only knit really simple projects.

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