One of my favorite places in the city is St. Lawrence Market. It is a giant, two-story market in Old Town that has anything you could ever need – butchers, seafood, bakeries, cheesemongers, bulk spices, fresh pasta, coffee, rice, various ethnic ingredients. It’s fabulous. And on top of that, there’s food stalls covering almost every type of food you’ve ever heard of (and probably some you haven’t). It is a grand adventure every time I visit. It’s almost impossible to capture in words or images – you just have to visit it and experience it for yourself. And if you went to their website (or visit the market) you’ll notice they are very proud of the fact that they were recently voted the number 1 food market in the world by National Geographic.

One of my favorite reasons to visit St. Lawrence is the year ’round farmer’s market they hold every Saturday. And the summer offerings are always the best: mountains of kale, amazingly fresh herbs, and the most gorgeous mushrooms are just a peek at the offerings. Right now is one of my favorite times to visit the market because fresh, local peaches are in season. And they are yummy! I’m talking, eat four-a-day yummy. And I try to take full advantage of peach season at the market, because in a blink of an eye, it’s gone. (I am definitely not the only person who is a fan of the local peaches. All the booths selling them were so jammed packed, I could barely squeeze in to buy some let alone snap a shot of their beautiful fuzziness.)

Just looking at the pictures makes me hungry – time for another peach?

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  1. That is the one thing I love about Canada, in London they have covent garden and in Ottawa they have byward (?) and they are spectacular to go in and just browse. I have family in both cities 🙂 I haven’t been to Toronto since I was on my honeymoon but you’ve made me want to visit!!

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