Saturdays are made for going to the yarn shop. Since moving to Toronto, I find myself following an odd sort of ritual when going to the yarn shop. Here’s how the process usually goes for me:
On Friday night, after a long week of work (which this summer usually ends with me feeling like I didn’t get much done because things just aren’t going as planned), I decide a trip to the yarn store will cheer me up. But I’m too lazy to actually go Friday evening because I just got home, and took my shoes off, and Rufus is cute, and I just poured a glass of wine. So… Saturday morning. I wake up Saturday morning ready to go. I give myself a budget, kiss the boys (who are still in bed and grumbling about me being up) goodbye, and grab an iced coffee on my way to the subway. It’s a process that puts me into exactly the stupidly excited state of mind that I love about going to the yarn shop.

I usually prefer going to yarn stores by myself because nobody else I know here in Toronto is really into this whole crazy knitting/yarn-a-holic/fiber madness thing I have going on. So when I do go with other people, I always feel like they are waiting on me. And yarn requires time. It requires squishing. And face-rubbing. And oohing. And putting back a skein 5 times before finally committing on it – but wait, that blue is so pretty, too, or the red, or maybe orange?! You just can’t rush a good yarn shop experience. These are delicate decisions I am making. You don’t rush an artist.

This week was a great yarn shop experience. I visited The Purple Purl which is located in the west side of town. It’s a bit of a journey from my humble abode, so I hadn’t gotten around to visiting the shop before now. But I will definitely be back! This shop has one of the best selection of local and Canadian yarns that I’ve come across. Canada produces some great yarns, but they can sometimes be difficult to find (even in Canada) because they simply aren’t those “big name” yarn brands you usually come across, even in higher end yarn shops. Plus, you earn points with every purchase towards a $25 discount on pretty much anything in the shop. Why, yes, that is like earning a free skein of yarn just for knitting (which you were going to do anyway, but now that there’s a reward…).

So, of course, I bought some. (In the spirit of supporting local businesses and local yarn dyers, of course!)

These lovely skeins of Tanis Fiber Arts Yellow Label are destined to become a long, splendidly soft, texturally delighting Guernsey wrap. I haven’t used guernsey often in my knitting, but I find myself admiring it greatly because of it’s amazing simplicity and timelessness. Plus, this wrap will be perfect for keeping me warm through a long Toronto winter.

Do you have any yarn shopping rituals of your own? What do you love most about your favorite yarn shop?

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18 Comments on That time I visited the Purple Purl…

  1. Oh my, what a great yarn store and what lovely yarn you got. I agree, going to a yarn store is something best done alone or with a fellow yarn-a-holic, choosing yarn can’t be rushed πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing your lovely trip πŸ™‚

  2. I am with you! I love to go by myself or with my mom. She’s the only other person I shop with who has a similar “ritual.” Love it! Beautiful shop! I will have to put this on my yarn-shops-to-visit list!

  3. What a lovely store, I am definitely going to have to check it out when I am next in To. I tend to always keep in some cheap 8 ply I every colour, in case I suddenly get the urge to knit something totally random! Otherwise I am very conservative and buy yarn for a purpose. WheI a,earning again next year then I will most definitely begin to stockpile my stash again with wonderful things. Your yarn is so pretty!

  4. I’m jealous that you have a yarn store close enough to visit on a Saturday morning – my nearest one is about 90 mins drive away at least and I always end up having someone waiting for me…I much prefer going alone – I can lose hours in the yarn or fabric shop and I love it!

  5. This yarn store looks fantastic! My boyfriend is a Toronto native and has sworn to take me for a visit this Fall, I’ll definitely this store out! Love the yarn you decided to buy, it will go fantastically with that pattern.

  6. I have wanted to go to the Purl since moving to Toronto… like you, it’s a bit of a trek for me but it sounds like it might be worth it. I’ll be back in the city in a few weeks before classes start, so perhaps I’ll take the subway over to visit.
    I also spend way too long making decisions in a yarn store… important choices!!

  7. Lucky you! Those shelves look beautiful!
    I am having a good yarn shop over 200 miles far from my home so I always order online. I love receiving my package and opening the box is usually the best moment in that week. But sometimes it would be great to take a tour and touch skeins πŸ™‚

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