A few nights ago, I found myself bitten by a bug. A bug of inspiration. The symptoms included an immediate need to start a new project, specifically, a shawl, and this manifested as me searching, searching, searching through Ravelry for a pattern. I had shawl-itis. There was nothing to do – the fever had me. So, even though I don’t need to have another project on my needles (needles, what 
needles? – they are all stuck in a project), I gave in. I had no choice. You knitters know what I’m talking about; we’ve all been bitten by this bug before. It’s dangerous (to our wallets) and highly contagious (you can’t escape!). Watch out.

So late at night, I dug some yarn out of my stash. This yarn had been on my mind the past couple of days; I think it was sending me crazy subliminal messages, “Remember me! Use me! Love me!” I haven’t forgotten you! You were one of the first “fancy” (i.e. not acrylic) yarns I bought when I first got serious about creating more than small accessories. You were meant to become a lovely crochet sweater, but I wasn’t happy with the fabric created with crochet, so you got put away in a box with a half-finished sweater. But fret not, yarn! I have since learned to knit and now your lovely variegated, fuzzy goodness can be free – free to become a squishably wearable shawl.

I was originally drawn to the yarn by the colors, which reminded me of a beautiful sunset over a dessert canyon. With just a bit of a soft fluffiness and just a bit of shine, I thought it would just look wonderful paired with denim. I wanted to show off the colors I loved, so I decided to go with a simpler shawl pattern where the colors wouldn’t overwhelm a complicated lace pattern. After an hour or so of scouring the patterns on Ravelry, I decided on Sandness. (I originally thought this pattern was called Sadness and thought to myself, why is it sad? It’s lovely. Don’t be sad shawl! That’s what late night pattern searching will do to your brain).

I believe the subtle waves of the border will be quite lovely and highlight the colors of my yarn. Plus, it comes in a smaller size and is triangular – perfect for wearing more as a kerchief, which is how I typically find myself wearing shawls. (Confession: wearing a shawl as a normal shawl across my shoulders makes me kind of feel old. Sorry to people who wear their shawls this way – you pull it off better than I can. And it doesn’t make you old, either.) 

I’m happy with how my shawl is looking. My yarn is happy to be out of a box and be turned into something wearable and lovely. And my shawl-itis is satisfied. For now. Until it gets knocked out by sock flu or sweater-ococcus, which have been known to grip me in their fever before.
What are your inspirations right now? Do you even find yourself just needing to cast on a specific project?
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12 Comments on Bitten by the bug

  1. I caught it too – haven’t finished my blanket or my quilt and I still couldn’t help myself from starting my sweater. It was calling to me, there was no way I could have resisted! the yarn is super pretty can’t wait to see the shawl

  2. I. Am. Dying. To. Start. Socks!!!!! It’s so contagious…could be the onset of autumn šŸ™‚ (in terms of months, not the warm weather!) Love the colors and it should look beautiful in the pattern you’ve chosen.

  3. The inspiration bug bites me like that all the time! Your shawl is knitting up so beautifully. The colors are wonderful – and is that a tiny strand of glitter in the yarn?

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