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Knitting: I absolutely fell in love with Emily of Snapdragoncraft’s bright colored chevron cowl. It’s bright and colorful and just fabulous. So, I copied her. I just happened to be at a local yarn shop called Lettuce Knit this weekend when I found this amazing yarn. Our eyes locked across the yarn shop, and I knew it was destiny. So I bought it. Of course. And cast on my very own brightly colored chevron cowl. I know. I’m crazy. Andy already told me that multiple times as we walked out of the yarn shop. But I love the yarn and the colors and the cowl. It makes me so happy.

But on that note, I put myself on a yarn diet until Boxing Day. Why Boxing Day? Because that’s when our big local yarn store holds it’s big sale. I need you all to hold me to it. Don’t let me break. 

Reading: I finished The Coldest Girl in Cold Town which was an entertaining take on the vampire mythology. It was really driven by a fresh, realistic, strong lead female character who didn’t sit around and whine when things didn’t go her way. She took charge of her own choices, even if sometimes they weren’t the best. Now I’ve started reading Sea of Shadows by Kelley Armstrong. I’ve only just begun, but I’m enjoying learning about the mythology built into this novel.

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  1. beautiful!!! I haven’t bought yarn since last thanksgiving (american) and I’ve been lucky to win a skein here and there. I am going to break the yarn diet soon though 🙂

  2. Wonderful yarn! I often find myself jealous when I choose more muted yarns for my projects and then see on Yarn Along how bright everyone else’s projects are! Great project!

  3. Oh man: I run screaming from such bright colors as, quite frankly, bright yellows and greens scare the tar out of me. (In my defense, I’m Italian-American with olive undertones to my skin: yellows and bright greens look TERRIBLE on me.) You, m’dear, have proven to me that I need to just find the right projects to make such bright yarns sing. That cowl is positively fantastic! Thanks for teaching me a thing or two about the wonders of bright yarns!

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