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Socks are one of my favorite things to knit because they are an item you can really see take shape as you work on them. There are some things you work on that just don’t really take shape until they are finished – either they are bulky or need seaming or require lots of shaping and blocking. But socks… socks look like socks. (And if they don’t, well, you probably did something wrong.) You can see where you are going and where you’ve been and when you’ll be all done.

I found this yarn on clearance and just enjoyed the color combination of nice bright colors mixed with neutrals. I’m not one for generally working plain ol’ socks, but self-striping yarns just call for it sometimes. Instead of trying to do something fancy, I decided to just enjoy the color and let the stripes do their thing. No need to get in their way. 

Unfortunately, I was very naughty knit blogger and I tossed the label for this yarn and I can’t for the life of me remember what it is. I didn’t even look at the colorway… Rookie mistake, I know. And I’m regretting it because I actually really like this yarn. It’s soft with nice stitch definition, and I really like the colors. If I could remember what it was, I would recommend it and use it again. (Maybe someone out in blog land will recognize the yarn?)

I want to get another pair of yarn on the needles, but I can’t decide on a pattern + yarn combination that I like. What are your favorite sock patterns? Or sock patterns you have always loved to try? If it’s free, that’s even better. Give me some inspiration!
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  1. Beautiful socks! Most of the socks I’ve knitted are vanilla with some plain ribbing, but I’d like to try some patterns with super-complex cable patterns – Silverbow, Circinus, and Scrollwork Socks, among others.

  2. Great socks! They came out beautifully. I have a confession, I haven’t even attempted to knit a pair of sock . . . yet. Maybe someday! It seems so obvious, so I hate to even mention it, but have you checked out the patterns on Ravelry? I {heart} that site!

    You are featured at this week’s Yarn Fanatic Party! I hope you have something to link up this week too! Have a great week.

  3. i’m doing a little free pattern called little pumpkin socks; just happened to have some orange yarn (frogged a shawl that was going no where) and it’s turning out pretty cute.

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