Karen at Pumpkin Sunrise and Steph at woolythyme are holding a loosey-goosey knit along as they both work on the beautiful, lacy Hitofude cardigan. It was perfect timing as I had just cast on the Darling Emma cardigan, another lace heavy cardigan, so I sorta crashed their party and just invited myself to join them even though I’m knitting a completely different project. It’s the spirit that counts, right?

I just know I will need the moral support of others working through 5 bazillion lacy stitches/repeats because this project is going to take me forever if I don’t have a driving force. It’s so very pretty, but also so very slow to work on. (This is the point where all the knitters who work on those fantastic lace shawls snicker and reassure me that 250+ fingering-weight stitches are nothing.) 

So, I’m going to join Karen and try to post updates on Tuesdays. So far I’ve got about 3.5 inches done… only 19.5 more to go?! Plus sleeves. And a belt. Oh lord. 

And if you are working on a project and in need of some inspiration/co-miseration/a kick in the bum, I’m sure you would be very welcome to tag along on this endeavor. 

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12 Comments on Lace cardigan KAL progress #1

  1. color is beautiful….and yes, this really could be hitofude’s twin sister! (Can you believe, I just got back from a yarn shop that isn’t too local and bought stuff for a scarf and mitts? —–which most like MUST be cast on really really really soon. hopeless. totally hopeless.) I think we may need to change this from a knitalong to a 12-step program.

  2. You are a bad influence on me (in a good way!)…after this post I read Stephs post and then went ahead and bought the Hitofude pattern….and found a yarn shop that sells Madelinetosh yarn that I can visit this weekend….madness! Lets just say I’m loving sweater knitting so far and can’t wait to try a lace pattern πŸ™‚

    • Join usssssssss. Madelinetosh yarn is so amazing. I love it. I’ve only used one skein once, but it was beautiful. I wish I could afford enough to make a whole cardigan. It will make a beautiful one. I can’t wait to see what colors you choose.

  3. 250+ laceweight stitches are nothing – but there seems to be this inherent difference between knitting on something that doesn’t require exact gauge, like a shawl, and something that needs to fit, like a sweater. I find knitting on a sweater goes so very slowly because of my apprehension about whether I’m doing it right and whether it will end up fitting.

    • I just knew someone was going to hit me on that! Maybe it’s because I do very little lace knitting, so it takes more of my concentration and just seems to go so slowly for me. I love how it looks, though, so I will push through!

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