Knitting: Lately, much of my knitting time has been devoted to my Golden Clarity cardigan, which just needs a few final touches. Like sleeves. You may be thinking to yourself, “Wait, where did this cardigan come from? Wasn’t she just working on a different one. And now there’s like a whole new cardigan that just materialized in a week’s time.” Part of me wants to let you keep thinking that I am some sort of knitting wizard, that I can just click my heels together three times and a hand knit sweater appears. That I’m the fastest knitter in the west east. Be awed and amazed at my knitting prowess.

But in reality, I started this cardigan a long long time ago and it sadly has sat abandoned and uncompleted until I could feel the tinge of fall coming along and knew it would get some wear soon. I think all the stockinette got to me and my brain couldn’t process it. But after work, sometimes all I want is just boring, uneventful stockinette. So this cardigan is getting some love again (hopefully enough to make it off the needles and into my closet).

Reading: Still working on Sea of Shadows. I don’t really have much to say about it. It’s a decent YA fantasy, but it’s not riveting and the writing is a little… eh. But it’s not enough of an ‘eh’ to make me read something else. Plus, all the good stuff I want to read I’m having to wait on for a library copy (must. not. buy. more. books.). So until I move up from spot 967 out of 1000 (maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but that’s how it feels), I shall keep chugging on Sea of Shadows.

Watching: The third season of “Call the Midwife.” Such a good little show that I feel is a bit under appreciated, especially compared to something like Downton Abbey (which I also love).

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  1. Hear hear! I love Call the Midwife….it’s a fantastic show and you’re right it’s totally underrated! I’ve been an a bit of a reading hiatus recently because I find it really hard to knit and read at the same time. I’m also on a super long wait list for library books too 🙁

  2. That sweater looks gorgeous, I love the colour! I can tell you why Call the Midwife is underrated- it’s the title. I sailed right by it in the channel guide a million times (I had originally imagined some dreadful reality show featuring lengthy home births and peppered with birthing tips) because the title was so unappealing. I didn’t give it a chance until a friend told me what it was really all about.

    • Thanks, Julie!

      You know what, the title never bothered me! Maybe it’s because I only watch it on Netflix, so I had the image and description to go off of when flicking through titles. But I can see how you could easily pass it by without a second thought.

  3. great color for fall!!! you know, I think I have a couple sweaters in limbo, too—-hmmmmm. wonder where they are (and if they are as far along as yours???? sort of a treat finding something almost finished isn’t it????)

    • Isn’t it? I got the yarn on sale, too. Yay!

      The body of the sweater was about halfway finished when I dug it out of my WIP box. Most items in there aren’t very far along. I seem to give up on things pretty easily…

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