Project: Keynote Cardigan ::: Pattern: Keynote ::: Yarn: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Sport in Green tea heather 

Finally blogging my lovely Keynote cardigan. I finished it over a week ago, but I didn’t have a single decent button on hand (let alone seven of them), so I had to wait to take the finished photos until some lovely new buttons arrived in the post.

I’m quite pleased with the finished cardigan. It has very nice shaping to make it fitted and feminine (I don’t have much curviness of my own, so I appreciate anything that attempts to even moderately emphasize it). I did modified the shaping in my cardigan slightly: I cast on for the 34″ bust size, but then worked extra waist decreases to accommodate my petite frame. I probably could have gotten away with working the whole sweater in a smaller size, but I hate when cardigans pull across my bust, so I opted to play it safe.

My only complaint with this cardigan is the fact that the back sits rather low across my shoulders. I think part of this is due to the pattern and part to the fact that the sweater grew slightly with blocking. If I were a more apt knitter, I would’ve added some short rows to the back to give it a bit more height and a better fit for my liking, but, alas, I am a knitting chicken and don’t quite feel totally comfortable with that level of modification. (I also think I may have slightly worked one sleeve a wee bit shorter than the other… but I think only I can really tell from where it falls on my wrists. So don’t tell anyone I made such a “newbie” knitting mistake.)

Overall, I am quite taken with the cardigan and look forward to cooler mornings which will bring more opportunities to enjoy it’s warmth, beautiful detailing, and vintage-inspired style.

What makes a perfect cardigan in your opinion? What are you looking forward to wearing as the weather turns cooler?

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P.S. You may also notice that after growing out my hair for a year, I gave up and cut it all off. I’m just not a long hair kind of girl (read as lazy, lazy, lazy).

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  1. that cardi is gorgeous! Looks like it is a boatneck sort of cardigan, so while the neckline isn’t quite what you might have wanted, you’ll find it pairs well with tank tops/vests underneath instead of tees or long sleeved shirts. Which probably isn’t ideal for deep winter, but might be good for fall days that are still sunny and warm. and you could also pair ti with a cowl, for a little extra warmth. Just some suggestions, because it’s always so frustrating when you spend a lot of time knitting something beautiful but then find it isn’t quite as easy to wear as you had hoped.

    • Those are great suggestions, Julie! This cardigan does look great with a tank (wearing it this morning for a little warmth on the commute). I hadn’t thought of wearing it with a scarf/cowl, but I think it will look great with one.

  2. That is such a pretty cardigan, and a really great color on you! Can I ask where you ordered your buttons from? I feel like buttons can really perfect an item of clothing, but it’s so hard to find just the right thing.

  3. Oh that cardi is so pretty, I love the panels on the front. I haven’t knit a cardigan with those front panel details but I think I just might have to now. The cardi that I’m working on now is about the same color as yours, must be something about this time of year that this green is so appealing. Great work and thank you for sharing.

    Knitting in Pearls

  4. It really fits well, I think. I frogged my neckline and button bands to pick up less stitches because it slided off my shoulders. Indeed short rows at the back would have been better, but just as you, I’m not comfortable to do such modifications πŸ™‚

  5. I love this pattern…..and I think it looks perfect on you. The details on the sides really make this a special knit. (and I LOVE the haircut!!! Lazy, short-haired girl, here, too!!!!!!)

  6. Beautiful cardigan! I think the modifications you made are perfect – as someone who also needs a bit of help boosting my curves, I’m definitely making a note of this pattern. Also, your haircut looks fantastic!

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