Like most things in the world, knitting has a set of rules and conventions. Sometimes, we knitters break them. This is my knitting confession.

On Mondays, I’ll fess up to some of my own, personal knitting “no-no’s”. Feel free to join me by blogging some of your own weekly confessions or stories of breaking knitting conventions and join the linkup below. 

Confession #3: I am a no good, terribly bad, frightfully selfish knitter.

Cherry at Knitting in Pearls fessed up to this weeks ago. But I have to admit to it as well, I am a very selfish knitter. And I don’t particularly feel a need to rationalize it. It’s just the way it is. Knitting is something of my own and I like it that way. My yarn. My knitting time. My finished goodies. Mine mine mine. So selfish. 
But I do envy all those lovely people who delight in knitting so many lovely hats, scarves, mittens, or even sweaters for their loved ones. I often find yarn or patterns that would make just spot on gifts, so I buy them or bookmark them. But then all my good intentions often get pushed aside by my boorish selfishness. Someday I may be a better, kinder knitter. For now, I console my selfish conscious by knitting Andy a pair of socks every once in a blue moon. And I can always make myself feel a bit better by reminding myself that I am not alone in my knitting selfishness. Now, back to working on that sweater I adore.

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11 Comments on Knitting Confessions #3

  1. Thank you for the link love! I knew I wasn’t the only one who wants all the pretty things for them selves. I just went to a party this weekend and had so many people asking me to knit them sweaters. Are you kidding me? A Sweater, not a hat or scarf, a sweater? I just told them I am selfish and do not do big projects for other people. Crazy!

    Knitting in Pearls

    • Now that is just crazy. People really do not realize just how much work goes into a sweater. They think it just magically pops out of our bottoms all beautiful and lovely. You should tell them how much you would have to charge for a sweater and then they will never bother you again.

  2. i consider myself an extremely selfish knitter—-even though I actually give away a lot of things. There are so many patterns that I want to knit—but don’t want to own the FO. Don’t ask me to knit something for you that is YOUR idea….but, here, let me give you something that I like instead!

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