The days have been warm lately, but I know it’s coming. Fall is on its way. It’s becoming very obvious that the days are getting shorter, which, unfortunately has caused me to use the dreaded flash photography (my eyes! It’s so bright and unnatural!). These days, by the time I get home from work and get dinner finished, the sun is already dipping far below the horizon. And am I at all organized enough to plan ahead for my blog photos? Of course not! That’s why flash is sometimes my best friend, even if I keep looking at my photos thinking they look just too… flashy. I have resigned myself that we may ne in for a long season of flash photography.

This week…

Knitting: I’ve started two new projects this week. In lovely eggplant purple I’m working on an Emelie cardigan because my brain is stuck on vintage cardigans. I love that this pattern offers three different lengths to work the sweater. I’m planning on working the middle length to have a nice vintage look without it being too cropped for my liking. I’ve also been kind of obsessed with the Feathernest Raglan sweater, but I couldn’t decide if I liked it in the shade of blue Cascade 220 I had on hand. I decided just to start it and have gone from loving it to hating it about 738 times, but now as it is growing, I’m starting to sit more firmly on the “love it” side. Or at least on the “like it” side of things. And working on a worsted weight sweater is a nice break from all the fingering weight projects I’ve been working on lately.

Reading: Still on Sea of Shadows. I know. It’s taking me forever. Get off my back already. I am liking it more these days, though.

Drinking: One thing fall means is a reason to drink more tea. Lately I’ve been obsessed with making Hong Kong style milk tea. I had only had it out and about in Asian bakeries or with my bubble tea in Chinatown, but I decided I wanted to try making it at home. After some research, we found out it was a blend of teas, so we headed to David’s Teas to pick up some Orange Pekoe and pu’erh tea to make our own special HK milk tea blend. Brewed with a dollop of condensed milk and I have a yummy cuppa milk tea at home! If you like black, earthy teas I highly recommend it.

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13 Comments on Preparing for fall

  1. I’m in love with that deep rich purple! For some reason the photos have convinced me that you’re knitting it in laceweight on size 1s or something – maybe it’s how sharp the needles are? What yarn are you actually using?

  2. I’m experiencing major cast on envy. I’m not allowing myself to cast on a sweater or cardigan until I finish some of my older wips, but after seeing this I might not be able to control myself anymore. That purple colour is gorgeous!

  3. I drink hot tea year round (i have ac so I’m comfy doing so). Love your whale mug šŸ™‚ :)! Now those projects, sigh, I do think they are grand and vintage is so IN!!

  4. OK. This really is the norm, right? Having at least two sweaters going at the same time. PHEW. I knew I could count on you to confirm my knitting habits are normal.

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