Project: Chevron Delight Infinity Scarf ::: Pattern: Chevron Delight Infinity Scarf ::: Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock in Jumpin’ Jellybeans
I had been working on my scarf as my “commuter project,” getting in a few rows every day to and from work. It was a perfect project on the go because it was small and required only minor attention to keep track of the chevron pattern – practically mindless knitting that just kept going and going. I didn’t have to worry about counting rows or any shaping. And because most of the scarf just sat in my project bag as it grew, I almost didn’t notice how long it was getting. So it took me by surprise when one day on the subway, lost in podcasts and knitting, I went to pull some extra working yarn and came upon the end of the skein. It was done! 
The pattern and project seem so simple, but this is probably one of my absolute favorite finished items. I. love. it. I love the colors. I love the chevrons. I love that it wraps perfectly around my neck twice. Every time I see it sitting folded on my radiator in the bedroom I smile. Man, do I have good taste or what?! I cannot wait for the days to turn a bit chillier so that I can actually wear it. 
And I LOVE this yarn! The colors are so bright and the yarn itself is a nice tight spin that looks beautiful when knitted. It was a pleasure to work with. I want to go out and buy all of it – in every beautiful colorway – and make so many fabulous hats, socks, scarves, gloves. I probably would, too, if it was a wee bit more affordable for me. But when I am off of my self-imposed yarn diet and have $30 burning a hole in pocket, I will be getting myself another skein of this for a wonderful and cherished pair of socks.

What has been your favorite yarn to work with?

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  1. gorgeous, the scarf and you! I think my favorite yarn is the one I have. If I had to say, well I love madtosh, malabrigo, quince and co, cascade 220, and lots of indie dyers.

  2. what a happy happy surprise that must have been!!!! The scarf is just perfect for you! One of my favorite go-to scarves is also a chevron pattern….did it in a soft pink linen and loved it so much I made another in grey. The plain color wasn’t nearly as exciting a knit as you had; I’m glad I did it, though. So many great yarns out there, but I agree……socks that rock is darn fine!!!!

  3. What a great pattern/yarn combo. I avoid yarns with such drastic color changes because I never know what to knit with them, aside from socks (which I have taken a break from over the last year). This is beautiful. My favorite yarn that I have knit with lately is Madelinetosh worsted weight. I made a sweater out of the vintage color way last winter. Definitely my favorite yarn for making sweaters.

    She Knits in Pearls

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