In a cheap ploy to buy myself a bit more time to make a wee bit of progress on my Darling Emma cardigan, which I am knitting as part of a KAL with Karen and Steph (check out their progress – both have beautiful sweaters coming together), I decided to move my updates to Saturdays. So here it is and progress has been made! Slowly but surely, it’s growing in lovely, lacy, cardigany length. And while it still mostly looks like a shapeless blob, rather than an elegant lace cardigan, I’m beginning to grow quite fond of it.

And the pattern is quite nice to work. The lace repeat is very easy to memorize, so it makes for nice tv knitting with minor attention required when counting the lace stitches. The purl rows still feel a bit endless, though, but who really enjoys purling anyway?

So it’s getting there. Slowly. But that’s what I get for having three sweaters on my needles at the same time (with two that require that I swap my 3.5mm needles back and forth between projects). Maybe by the end of the year one of them will actually be finished.

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  1. *raises hand sheepishly* I enjoy purling… or at least, I don’t detest it as so many knitters seem to do. It gives me a nice opportunity to even out my tension on the previous row, especially if I’m knitting lace.

    Your cardigan is looking lovely – it’s really starting to take on its shape.

  2. oh, Brandy….I love the color you chose! And it’s progressing beautifully. This has been one of the most satisfying knits I’ve worked on in years…..and I’m trying r.e.a.l.l.y hard to enjoy the process, take my time, and know that the only finishing at the end is going to be a good blocking!!!!
    enjoy the journey!

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