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Knitting: All three of my active cardigans have seen lots of action this week, but right now I’m particularly fond of my Feathernest raglan sweater. It is just working up so quickly and is a very fun knit with it’s chevron, herringbone-ish textural pattern. While I was originally not sure if I liked the color for this pattern, now I am liking the brighter blue. And the yarn is showing off the texture of the stitches perfectly. So I’m pretty happy with this one and look forward to it being finished soon.

One of the reasons I had selected this pattern is because I had access to it for free. It was published in the Winter 2014 Interweave Knits, which you generally have to subscribe to or your can purchase the individual patterns. But I found out that my library has a subscription to this magazine, along with Knitscene. And even better is that I can access each issue on my iPad through the app Zinio. But the best thing about the online library subscription is that I get to keep the magazines for-ev-er. There’s no expiry date – once I checkout and download each issue, it stays on my iPad until I remove it. If your library has a subscription with Zinio, I would definitely recommend you see if you can get great knitting magazines, too.

Reading: I’m almost done with Sea of Shadows and I’m liking it much more now. I’m excited to see how it ends.

Watching: Lots and lots of movies. The Toronto International Film Festival started last week and I’ve seen four movies already: The Tale of Princess Kaguya, Labyrinthus, The Good Lie, and The Theory of Everything. Andy and I have six more movies to see before Sunday and I’m looking forward to it. TIFF will get it’s very own blog post once things wrap up.

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  1. Excellent thanks for the heads up about the magazines being available through the library – I just checked mine and I can get them too! Yay! The feathernest is looking fantastic and the colour was an excellent choice!

  2. Oh wow – I never knew that my local library had a Zinio subscription! Sadly it doesn’t look like they have Interweave Knits, but there are still quite a few magazines I’m interested in. Thanks so much for sharing that tip!

  3. Okay, I have to check into this library subscription thing! I’m pretty sure you mentioned it in a comment on my blog, but that is seriously awesome. Loving the bright, cheerful blue! And super jealous of the awesome films you get to see!

    • I love TIFF. One of my favorite things about Toronto. It’s just so much fun! And I hope you can make use of the free library magazine subscriptions. It’s so great to have access to the great patterns, plus there’s so many other great magazines you can access.

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