Project: Golden Clarity cardigan ::: Pattern: Clarity cardigan ::: Yarn: Sublime Yarns Cashmere Merino Silk DK in colorway 224
Last week I finished my clarity cardigan, after just a minor fiasco regarding some blocking issues that will go unmentioned here (but never forgotten). But everything worked out for the best and it fits wonderfully. It has quickly become one of my favorite knitted items. Even though I curse this yarn for causing said blocking fiasco (it’s the yarn fault, darn it, not mine, of course), through the whole endeavor it has produced a lovely soft and warm fabric. Perfect for the cool weather that has rolled into town bringing fall in it’s tow. 
Besides being snuggly and cuddly, I love the styling of the cardigan. I can wear it buttoned to produce a drapey cowl neckline, but it also looks great left open with a hanging front. (Did I take any photos of it styled both ways, of course not – that requires forethought.) Who doesn’t love a great knit you can style multiple ways? One of the things I’m most proud of with this cardigan is the color choice – I tend to shy away from oranges and yellows, always afraid they may make my complexion look sickly. (It’s something my Grandma always complains about with yellows, which has struck some fear into me from a young age.) But I think I’m coming around to warmer hues of orangey-yellow, so I just took the risk with buying this yarn. And it’s paid off, giving me a cardigan in a great fall-inspired color (that will likely be worn through winter and spring because, darn it, I love it.)
The pattern itself was a fairly simple knit (which is probably why it hibernated for a bit over the summer because I got tired of working straight stockinette). There are some minor errors in the pattern itself, but those are quite easily resolved if you have a bit of knitting know-how. And if you are feeling lost, many other knitters have noted their edits to the pattern in their Ravelry project notes, so it’s pretty easy to get yourself sorted. 
As always, Rufus was part of the photoshoot. He can’t be left out, heaven forbid. And I can’t pass up this action shot of Rufus looking all rugged and wild while catching a squeaky tennis ball (a favorite of his). He kind of stole the show… as usual. 

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  1. This sweater is splendid, I am in love! Sorry to hear about the blocking fiasco, I’ve been through those before. I’m also venturing out of my comfort zone and knitting up a cardigan in a yellowish/orangey color right now and am very nervous that it’s going to be a huge mistake. I hope to have the same results as you have had. Great knit, and I love the pics of Rufus.

    She Knits in Pearls

  2. Rufus!!! Freddy says ‘ruff’ (that’s Hi!)…… love the new cardi….looks like something I’d never take off! (wishing i had a sweater so close to being done…..I can’t seem to stop crocheting in circles!)

  3. The color suits you perfectly! It doesn’t make you look yellow at all. (I shy away from reds for a similar reason.) And I love the little pop of color that the blue pockets provide.

  4. What a gorgeous cardigan, I can just imagine how soft it must be. The colour really suits you, certainly no sickly complexion issues at all šŸ™‚ If only I knew how to knit! Love the pics of Rufus too.

  5. GORGEOUS! I totally love the built in cowl option! Great color, too. I’m always drawn to these yellow-golds but haven’t found one I can wear that is flattering for my skin tone. I will not give up the search though!

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