Like most things in the world, knitting has a set of rules and conventions. Sometimes, we knitters break them. This is my knitting confession.

On Mondays, I’ll fess up to some of my own, personal knitting “no-no’s”. Feel free to join me by blogging some of your own weekly confessions or stories of breaking knitting conventions and join the linkup below. 

Confession #4: This yarn.

I don’t know, but I just hate it. As the colors unfurl, all I can think of is some sort of yucky minty chocolate ice cream sundae that has been thrown into the gutter and stomped on a couple times. It just looks flat, dirty, and the brown is the most one dimensional, dirty (read as polite way of saying poopy) brown I have ever come across.

Why do I own this yarn if I seem to hate it so much? I blame yarn sale fever. I got this yarn when one of my LYS was going out of business and selling off everything. I saw it and thought, “I always want to work with Noro, but never do because of the price. Let’s give it a try.” And this was the only colorway left. For a reason. But I was lost in yarn euphoria (you know what I’m talking about… we’ve all been there and it makes us do crazy things).

When I got home I thought, well, it’s perfect for a hitchhiker, right? But as it grew, I hated it more and more. So now it lives stuffed deep, deep down in a basket, away from all light. Until today when I took it out for five minutes to shoot some photos full of regret and then immediately shoved it away out of site. Poor yarn.

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14 Comments on Knitting confessions #5

  1. I think that happens to all of us! Then you’re wondering what possessed you to ever buy it. I’d frog it and then put it up on Ravelry as a giveaway or a trade or something. Someone will love those colours and think it’s just right!

  2. since i’ve been on this crazy crocheting circles craze…..fortunately that blanket is done, but still very much in my thoughts!!!!——-I think Noro would make a great yarn for a throw like that…with other yarns mixed in. Each of those long repeat colors—by themselves—really don’t look that bad. Paired with something else, they might actually look great!

  3. I an not a huge fan of that yarn company but I think it’s the feel of it that just doesn’t appeal to me then when I see the colors there is always one that just doesn’t seem like it belongs in the skein!

  4. It’s the fear of not knowing in advance how colourways like that will turn out that makes me shy away from buying them – it’s a shame to waste it though – you could giveaway the shawl of giveaway the yarn to someone who would love it…and make room for a new yarn in your stash!!

  5. This happens to me all the time with Noro… I think it’s just really hard to get a good sense of the colours when it’s balled up, so it’s a bit of a gamble when choosing a colourway.
    (Funnily enough, though, I don’t mind this colourway… maybe I could finish the shawl for you, haha!)

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