So I have two skeins of this yarn. It’s cashmere. It’s lace weight. And it’s very, very blue. Bright, primary blue. (The Whovian in me can’t help but note that this is the true definition of Tardis blue). I received this yarn a few years ago, before I knew how to knit. It was part of an online yarn exchange, and, full disclosure, I was disappointed when I received it. I hadn’t requested blue or lace weight yarn. When I was crocheting, I was not comfortable using yarn this thin and delicate. And this bright blue is just something that I am not drawn to as I tend to like blues with a bit more depth – things like teal, turquoise, sapphire. I just had no idea what to do with this yarn. It really intimidated me.

But I kept it all this time because I’m a bit of a yarn hoarder. This weekend I dug it out of my stash because I really wanted to conquer it. And this blue seems so hip and cool as an accent pop of color, and I’m nothing if I’m not hip and cool and keeping up with all the latest trends. Plus, it’s freakin’ cashmere. It is so, so soft. I knew I wanted something snuggly, worn close to my skin, and appreciated for its warmth, its coziness, its squishiness.

I cast on about four different project ideas. The first thing that came to mind was a big infinity scarf, but I didn’t want a pattern with a lot of purling in it. I didn’t want to really deal with a shawl and all the increases. Maybe some patterned stitches? Nah. And no intricate lace, please. Just an easy, sit in front of the tv and completely veg out knit. But no patterns I started really spoke to me. I couldn’t find that groove that I wanted. I mean, how difficult is it to find a preferably free, plain, but interesting, easy, no purling scarf in lace weight yarn? (Probably not that hard, but I could not find anything I liked in this shocking blue.) I was getting very frustrated with this yarn again.

I finally decided it was time to compromise, and then I finally came across the beautiful Imagine When shawl. Lovely squishy garter for easy, no purl knitting. Interesting construction with nice eyelet details. And a little, petite picot edging. This would do. I decided to just go with the thinner yarn on a much smaller needle than the pattern calls for. With some general hand waving and some iffy maths, after I measured my preliminary gauge, I’m hoping this project will come in at just about half the size of the original shawl, around 90cm. I’ve convinced myself (for now) that this will result in a nice kerchief that can be snuggled under my black peacoat or can be secured with a small, simple pin. 
And if it all goes to crap, I have a backup plan.
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  1. Those little eyelet stitches are so pretty – it’s a very bright blue it I think it will work great as a little shawl/scarf especially in the middle of winter when that pop of colour will really brighten up your day. I meant to say that the new hair do it really cool looking by the way!

  2. Oooh, I’ve loved Imagine When for a long time now, this will be fab! I can also recommend the cowl Palessie. I’m about to cast on for one, and it would look wonderful in this yummy yarn!

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