One thing that the north does very well is fall. It’s beautiful up here. Things are just starting to change – hints of yellow and red peek through the green. I feel sometimes that the transition can happen so fast that I just blink and the trees are naked and the world is gray. So I’m trying to capture the transition and the color while I can. To tide me over on those dark, cold winter days. To remind me there is life and color and it will return. Soon.

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    • I imagine the Blue Ridge is amazing in fall. I only went to Asheville in November, and the trees were all bare by then. But I had the best time! We drove along the parkway a bit, went hiking. It was so much fun. I would move to Asheville in the blink of an eye – one of my favorite places in the world. And we brought Rufus, and he loved it, too, so I hope Boomer can go with you!

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