Guys, it’s October. When did that happen? (Yesterday, technically, I know, but I’m in denial.) I love you, October, but I am not ready for you. I still need summer because if it’s still summer, than I still have a chance of accomplishing all the things I needed to get done at work this summer. This summer felt like was running on this hamster wheel, around and around, working and working but not really every seeming to get any place. It was just one thing after another… but now I think I’m finally getting somewhere. Somewhere good and productive and even a little bit hopeful (things will get done, I will get results, I will finish this darn project/degree/chapter of my life). So maybe all I really needed was a little October.

I decided with the arrival of October, fall decorating could begin. Phase 1: Halloween. (Even though Thanksgiving comes before Halloween here in Canada, it’s just wrong in my American mind. I can’t let go of proper November Thanksgiving, so the less spooky, harvest-y fall decorations always come after Halloween. Sorry, Canada, it’s nothing personal.) I had the mantle set up, but was just a little unhappy with it – something was missing. So I pulled out some discarded acrylic yarn in great fall shades and crocheted myself a little fall garland of colorful leaves and circles yesterday. I think my crochet hooks were delighted to see the light of day. And I remembered just how fast crochet can be. It was a nice quick project that I could pack in my bag in the morning and hang up proudly by the time I got home in the evening. It’s nothing terribly special and breathtaking (and the leaves are curling a bit wonky even after I tried to flatten them under a textbook…), but Andy said he actually liked it (he almost never compliments anything unless I prod him about it), so I’m happy.

Happy fall everyone!

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  1. I’ve been running (and will be running) 60 to nothing and I’m sort of feeling about October the way you felt about September. My Halloween decorations MIGHT get out before Halloween, I do have some fall things scattered that I’m now glad I scattered while the temps were in the 90s….garden calls….grandkids call….my kitchen is screaming to be put to use for more than a quick salad……..
    I love your fall crochet…..just the touch to welcome the season. I’ll off to find (then cut) some bittersweet!!!

  2. I hear you about the lack of summer progress in the lab…I’m in the exact same boat and feel as though I’ve barely scratched the surface of my work “to-do list”. That’s a cute little garland – maybe I’ll do a bit of fall decorating, even though it’s not something we do in Ireland but it’d be fun while I’m here šŸ™‚

  3. I recognise that feeling of not getting things done over summer, but I’m glad you feel like you’re getting things finished now. And the decorations look super cute, I wish it was more common to have Fall decorations in Europe, but not having any holidays in October/November doesn’t really help.

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