Project: Feathernest raglan 
I actually finished this sweater weeks ago, but have been very lazy about photographing it and getting things ready to blog. Since then, I have worn this sweater numerous times. This was a really fun knit for me. I’ve already talked a bit about how I was unsure about it at first – would the patterned stitches be too bulky? Is the color right for this pattern? Well, when all is said and done, I think it’s perfect and I love the finished project. I wear it all the time now that the weather has turned cooler here in Toronto. One of my favorite things about this sweater is the fit. I usually have issues with topdown raglans being a bit baggy in the underarm because of the number of increases I need to do to fit my bust. I guess I’m just not regularly proportioned in that aspect – small shoulders for my boob size. But this sweater fits great in every aspect and when you have something that is snuggly and fits great, you never want to take it off. My other favorite thing about this sweater is that it is interesting to look at – the texture is splendid and eye catching while not being overwhelming. Have I mentioned that I love this sweater?
Pattern: Feathernest raglan by Amy Miller
I thought this was a great design and a great pattern. I really like that the design took a traditional knitting technique, guernsey, and used it to make a very modern jumper. Many people in the their project pages had complained that this was a bit of a tricky pattern, and I suppose it can be, but I had no trouble with it at all. The hardest thing to figure out is the increases along the raglan – the increases are meant to be done in the chevron stitch pattern, so you have to keep track of where you are on the chart so you make your increase stitch in the proper knit or purl. I simply used a pencil to mark an arrow where my pattern was starting in each round, then I knew to move one stitch further to make my increase properly. I did the same for the waist shaping and sleeve decreases, and I had no issues at all making sure I stayed in the pattern. I will say that it requires you to pay attention while knitting, but that’s good for the brain cells. 
Yarn: Cascade 220 in colorway 8906
I bought this yarn only because it was on sale. It wasn’t really a color I am generally drawn to for larger projects, but I went ahead and bought enough to make a sweater. Just in case. Well, it’s a great color. For winter, it’s a nice bright blue to cheer up any gray days, but it also will work well for cool spring mornings. This is my first time using Cascade 220 for a sweater and I love it. It is soft, warm, not scratchy, and is a pleasure to knit with. Now I can see why it’s been a staple in the knitting community for so long. I will gladly use it again (and I plan to very soon!).

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  1. Thanks to your great tip about getting magazines through the library I’m going to be a giant copycat and make this sweater too (once I get the yarn that is…yay yarn shopping!). It’s looks great on you and I think that blue is such a fun colour – great job!

  2. This sweater looks great and the fit seems perfect as well. I love the textured pattern and the blue is so nice. It reminds me that blue is usually a very neglected colour in my knitting projects, this definitely motivates me to use it more often!

  3. That pattern is delicious! It does look like a little bit of a headache to keep on pattern with though. Its just the sort of thing I have to break down and frog when I got it all wrong! You have done a beautiful job.

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