Smart people started making Christmas gifts in January. Sane people started this summer. I finally decided to start this past weekend. I don’t always (or even usually) make gifts for holidays, but I love giving gifts and have been known to go a little crazy and spend a wee bit too much money. Because we are trying to be more money smart and stick to a stricter budget this year, Andy gave me an ultimatum challenge for this year’s Christmas: try to make the majority of gifts this year. And as if that isn’t enough, I need to do my best to only use yarn I already have in my stash. All of this is very easy for Andy to say, since I’ll be the one in charge of making the gifts while he watches the bank account. If I were one of the aforementioned smart people, I would have started to tackle all of this much sooner because I need to get it done by mid-December if it’s going to make it to the States in time for Christmas day.

But I must be insane, because I agreed to this idea. I actually put down all my selfish projects, matched patterns to yarn, and cast on a couple of gifts this weekend. (Okay, so it wasn’t an entirely selfless ordeal because most, if not all, of the patterns I choose for gifts were ones I’ve been wanting to make for awhile. I have good taste, though, so I’m sure my family will love them, too. And if not, they can give back all the presents so I can enjoy them.)

This week…

Knitting: Christmas knitting has officially begun. Two gifts out of five are on the needles. Because prying eyes view this blog, these projects have to remain very mysterious until after the holidays. It’s more exciting for everyone that way!

Reading: I’m also on a crunch to finish The Magician’s Land before it automatically gets sucked back into the interwebs and gets returned to the library – half way through with only 5 days left. I’m being realistic… it likely won’t get finished in time. But just maybe…

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15 Comments on Start the countdown to panic

  1. Good luck with your Christmas knitting challenge! I’m intrigued by what you’re making in the top photo- the three colours look lovely together. Happy knitting πŸ™‚

  2. That’s a pretty though challenge, but also nice in a way. It’s probably fun to see what yarn you actually have and matching it up with patterns (I am very unfamiliar with this feeling ;)). And it’s only october, christmas is still so far away! Should I start to worry?

  3. Very pretty…I love the shades of gray in the first project!! Hopefully your needles fly like the wind and you’ve got a good bit of time. I’ll be sending good knitting vibes your way πŸ™‚

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