Like most things in the world, knitting has a set of rules and conventions. Sometimes, we knitters break them. This is my knitting confession.

On Mondays, I’ll fess up to some of my own, personal knitting “no-no’s”. Feel free to join me by blogging some of your own weekly confessions or stories of breaking knitting conventions and join the linkup below.  

Confession #8: I am a weakling for beautiful yarn.

This past weekend I had to go buy a single skein of yarn for one of my planned Christmas gifts. Something nice, but simple and relatively inexpensive. Because it’s part of a gift, I had convinced myself it wouldn’t be breaking my self-imposed yarn diet. And I had a plan: get in, get a single skein of yarn, don’t look around, don’t browse, keep your head down, and get out. 
But I was bad. I couldn’t help myself from looking just a little bit. My naughty eyes spied a beauty, my traitorous heart immediately fell in love, and my fickle brain immediately began rationalize buying it.

It’ll be my birthday soon, so I could say this is just an early gift to myself. Or a nice present from Andy, who loves me and would want me to have beautiful yarn. Everyone knows gifts don’t count toward yarn diets. It was just so pretty. I couldn’t help it. Sometimes you just deserve a lovely skein of yarn.

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  1. madeline tosh! of course you NEEDED this one!!! (did you remember to also buy what you went in for? I sometimes get so carried away with the moment that fail to buy what inevitably has turned into a very boring skein of yarn for an even more boring gift.)

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