I worked on the planned holiday gifts I blogged about before all last week and made a decent amount of progress. But as I kept knitting away on one project, I had this growing seed of insecurity in the back of my mind. Although I was loving knitting the project (might as well admit to it being a shawl) and it was turning out splendidly, as it continued to grow, so did the thought, “Would this item actually be used?” Although I’m the receiver of the shawl would admire it and appreciate the work I had put into it, I just knew it wouldn’t get a lot (or probably even a little bit) of use. The longer I thought about it, the more I just couldn’t see my intended receiver wearing the finished item. It just wasn’t the right gift for the right person. So I set it aside for now. I will go back to it after the gift knitting fever has passed and will probably finish it up for myself (I swear, this was not my plan this whole time).

So in the mean time, I had to start over again, with a week less to work. So I grabbed some yarn in a lovely coopery yarn with a hint of shimmer, choose a pattern I knew would get good use (one many of you probably can recognize, but shh! it’s still a secret for now), and started knitting like a mad women. It’s been a fun knit and it’s turning out beautifully, so I know I made the right decision.

And when I’m tired of lace, I pick up a nice squishy garter stitch project which is also a gift. Look at that yarn – it’s like an amazing graffiti of yarn and color. I had this yarn first and had to go on the search for a project that would do it justice. It’s turning out so fun and playful – just what I was going for.

This week…

Knitting: Christmas gift fever continues, renewed. And I’ve managed to stay monogamous to these projects… for now.

Reading: I’m back to finishing A Dream of God and Monsters by Laini Taylor. I’ve stated how much I love this series (Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy) so much that I don’t want it to end. But I can’t wait to see what happens. It’s one of those conundrums we all face with a good book.

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16 Comments on Second guessing

  1. I think the new project is a great idea and it’ll get a ton of use – mine definitely has! Are you enjoying making it? I’m trying to think of reasons not to make a second one!

    (that is of course provided I’ve guessed correctly what it is….)

    • Oh, you guessed correctly! I’m just nervous about making sure it fits, but I think because it’s lace it will be a little forgiving on that end. I will probably make another for myself – I think in blue or maybe golden yellow.

  2. It’s looking great! I’m assuming the shawl you are talking about was the gray one?? Also loving the “lace” project. I’m sure your recipient will be beyond pleased! That one is on my must-knit list πŸ™‚ Just keep knitting!

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