For what I’m convinced was weeks and weeks, but likely were only a few days, it had been so gray, overcast, rainy, windy, cold, and otherwise mildly horrible weather wise around here. And then yesterday, I woke up and it didn’t look like it was still nighttime outside. Light. Beautiful sunlight, streaming through windows and everything. 
So I finished up work a little early and rushed home to take Rufus out to enjoy the light and the leaves and the warmth and the overall beautiful fall day we were having. It was perfect. It was one of those days I wish I could just store in a mason jar under the sink to be let loose on a frigid, dark winter evening when I’m not sure if the sun or warmth or color will ever be back again. 
Capturing it in photos will just have to do until day canning technology is available on the mass market. Though, Rufus thought I had lost my mind trying to take pictures of him and telling him to hold still because the light was just right. He just looks so regal bathed in light, but maybe that’s just the crazy talking again. 
Hope you all are enjoying fall (it’ll be gone before I know it).

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