Like most things in the world, knitting has a set of rules and conventions. Sometimes, we knitters break them. This is my knitting confession.

On Mondays, I’ll fess up to some of my own, personal knitting “no-no’s”. Feel free to join me by blogging some of your own weekly confessions or stories of breaking knitting conventions and join the linkup below.  

Confession #8: I have a track record of abandoning knitting projects.

I think we’ve probably all had the experience of finding a pattern or yarn, casting on a new project full of excitement and possibility, and then slowly (or maybe not so slowly) losing that “cast-on euphoria.” That’s when poor, hopeful knitting projects get cast aside for the next new and exciting project. I have one basket where my discarded WIPs usually end up. I dig through this basket often looking for a interchangable cable of a certain size or some needles sadly tossed aside with some project, but which I now need to start something new. Every once in awhile, I stop my feverish digging and actually look at the projects I’ve abandoned, things sitting unworked for months at a time. More and more lately, I find myself looking at what I started and thinking, “I kind of really hate this now.”
Sometimes, it’s the yarn I fall out of love with.
I started this cardigan with a bubblegum pink yarn striped with charcoal gray. I bought the yarn on sale from Knit Picks intending to use it for a sweater. And I even got the entire body finished, but then it languished in the basket of doom for a long time waiting for sleeves. Sleeves that never came. I finally came to terms that I probably would never wear a bubblegum pink stripped cardigan. Ever. 

So I frogged the whole thing and ended up overdyeing the yarn to create the pumpkin orange yarn that became my Peabody sweater, which I love and wear lots.

Other times, the pattern I chose just isn’t doing it for me anymore.

I loved Darcy as soon as I saw it, so I bought the book, I bought a lovely romantic wine colored merino wool, and I got started. But the continuous moss stitch was just not so fun to work, and after finishing the back and half of one front, it got stuck in the basket of doom. I pulled it out last night thinking it would be the perfect project to work on as a break from all my Christmas knitting. But I just wasn’t feeling the love anymore. It just felt chunky with the moss stitch and I didn’t like how the peplum was draping in the yarn I selected. So guess what? It’s getting frogged.

But I’m left with this deep red, wine colored yarn that I have no idea what to do with now. It’s not really a color I would typically choose, but it worked with the romantic, old-fashioned notion of Darcy. I was thinking of embracing the “old-fashioned,” traditional vibe of the yarn and go with afull on classic cable sweater. Or maybe embrace the romantic route with lace with modern twist. I just want to chose something that I will be inspired by and won’t end up back in that dreaded basket again waiting for me to dig it out and save it. Someday.

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