I’ve made really good progress on all my planned Christmas knitting. I’m at least half way, if not two-thirds of the way, finished with the both projects I blogged about last week. And I am really happy with how they are turning out, which makes me very excited for Christmas. It is the best feeling giving a gift you are proud of and know will be enjoyed by the recipient.

I haven’t worked on much besides these two gifty projects, but with the progress I’ve made, I think I’ve eased myself into this safety zone. I feel like I will accomplish my goals for holiday knitting, so I’ve allowed myself to think just a bit about knitting some personal projects. Just a wee bit of selfish knitting, here and there. But I’ve been in a little bit of a slump when it comes to my personal knitting projects. After knitting the full back of my Yane sweater, I ran into some yarn issues that has put it on the back burner for a bit. I had projects I wanted to work on, but I just wasn’t completely in love with them as much as I wanted to be.

After digging through my favorites, I was really feeling a fair isle or stranded knitting project. I haven’t worked on a project with stranded knitting since my Endpaper mitts, so I had that on my mind while searching through patterns. And that’s also when I think I lost my mind. Because I ran across the beautiful Perianth mitten pattern and remembered the stunning cardigan that was adapted from the chart of the mittens. And I said to myself, “I really love this cardigan. I really want this cardigan. I will make. This. Cardigan.” And then I jumped off the deep end. I decided this would be my birthday present to myself and bought (what I hope will be) enough MadTosh Light to make the cardigan. It’s all very insane because this cardigan really has no pattern, so I basically have to figure out the shaping of the armhole and neck myself (ack!). But what is really crazy about this plan… steeking. This cardigan is steeked. Have I ever steeked? No way, Jose. So of course, I will try it out the first time with nice, expensive yarn and on a pattern I love. Why not?

I think this might be my quarter life crisis.

Oh, and I finished my book, Dreams of Gods and Monsters, by Laini Taylor. It completely lived up to the previous two books in the series. It was lovely, romantic, action packed, suspenseful, and great. The ending got a little muddled to me, trying to tie up all the loose ends (there is a lot going on in this series), but I was happy with how things got wrapped up overall. I loved this series, and I will miss reading these books, until I picked them up again soon.

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