Ever since I decided to try my hand at adapting the Perianth pattern into a cardigan, I’ve been in a stranded knitting state of mind. I rationalized this take over of my mental state by telling myself that I should practice before I take on a whole cardigan. I haven’t really worked stranded knitting for a good while, and since I have to wait to start my Perianth cardigan anyway (hurry up mail!), why not take on a small project to get my stranded knitting mojo back. And heck, nothing beats a beautiful free pattern like the Selbu Modern
My Selbu Modern is knit with Knit Picks Palette yarn I had in my stash. I went with a safe and classic (for me) color combination, working with a light gray and purple. I can’t go wrong with purple – it’s guaranteed to be worn if it involves purple. Plus, it’ll match my winter coat, which, shockingly, is purple. 
The only modification I made was to work a corrugated ribbing, instead of the regular 1×1 ribbing suggested in the pattern. I’m firmly of the opinion that corrugated ribbing is beautiful, easy, and criminally underused. It makes any stranded project look even more impressive, but its so simple to do, so why not? Other than that, I stuck to the pattern completely, which was very easy to follow – a nice big chart and straight forward finishing instructions made this a really fun knit. 

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