This week…
Knitting: I finished one of my November challenge socks on the plane to San Diego on Monday and have cast on for the next one. Whether I will actually finish it in November remains to be seen. It may just get done on the way home, which is technically December, but who’s really counting. I’ll employ some timey wimey hand waving to claim my November socks were finished in time. I would really like to find some Christmasy yarn to do my December socks in. Maybe I’ll find some while here in San Diego. 
I’m also working on the sleeves of my Perianth cardigan. It’s almost finished, but a bit on the small side. It’ll get its own entry when I get back to Toronto. 

Reading: I brought Libba Bray’s Going Bovine with me on my trip, but I’ve just barely read a few pages of it so far. I like Bray’s other books that I’ve read before, and this one gets high praise and sounds delightfully goofy, so I’m looking forward to reading it. 
Enjoying: Time with family, warm, sunny days, yummy food, and time off from work. I was getting burnt out at work and really needed a vacation, so the time off is wonderful! And I get to warm up before heading back to the frigid north. 
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