Project: Courtyard beanie
Yarn: Cascade 220 in Charcoal and Turquoise
Pattern: Courtyard by Melissa Thompson
Sometimes I get so caught up in my bigger projects that I forget how satisfying and fun a quick knit can be. And how smaller projects are great for using up those partial skeins of yarn I insist upon hoarding. This hat is the epitome of a quick, satisfying knit. I started it Saturday night and finished it just before bed on Sunday (even though it meant pushing back bedtime an hour or so just because I wanted to wear the hat the next day).
When browsing patterns for hats on Ravelry, I started noticing a new (to me) trend in design: beautiful stitches traveling across a striped reverse stockinette background. And I loved it immediately. It is quite eye-catching and the result looks more complex than the pattern actually is. (Here are some of my other favorite hats with this design that I came across: Thermisto and Neon).
I ended up with Courtyard because I had worsted weight yarn I wanted to use up and I liked the shape. And it was great fun to knit (it would make a great last minute Christmas gift, if you don’t end up keeping it for yourself). My only modification to the pattern was to stick a pom pom on top, because it seemed like it needed one. And I’ve really wanted a pom pom hat for a while now, because I’m sort of a dork like that (I used this video tutorial for making the pompom).

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