Today was one of those days where things don’t really go as you planned and it just tosses off the mojo of the whole day. I was planning to get a bit of work done from home and then kicking off the start of my holiday break in a fabulously lazy style. But the morning started when I woke up with a swollen eye thanks to a painful stye.  Then came a knock on the door and the announcement that the apartment was replacing all the windows in my unit. Starting right now.

I grabbed Rufus, stuck his leash on him, bundled up, and headed out into the freezing weather, not really knowing what to expect on how long this whole mess would take and kind of frustrated that a kink had already been thrown into that whole idea of a relaxing start to my holiday. (On a related note, I don’t really welcome passive aggressive comments about the state of cleanliness of my apartment from workers who show up unannounced at my door at 9:30am.)
Rufus enjoyed chasing sticks and rogue non-hibernating squirrels in the park for a bit before the freezing of my face could no longer be ignored and we sought shelter in the car. It was a very unproductive morning/early afternoon for me, but I’m sure the window installation crew feels differently. 
The day’s start put me in a weird funk and I couldn’t get back into the rhythm of things… even if it was just supposed to be the rhythm of vegging out on the sofa for a bit. But I did manage to get one thing accomplished today. I cast off and put on my December pair of socks for Liesl’s sock challenge.

They are just plain old vanilla socks, knit cuff-down in a skein of Turtlepurl Striped Turtle Toes that I picked up at this year’s Knitter’s Frolic. One of the best things about this yarn (besides great color combinations in pretty stripey colorways) is that it comes wound in two mini skeins so you can match the stripes on both socks – genius. Especially because with other self-stripping yarns, I am routinely too lazy to find the repeating color pattern and make sure my socks match as a proper sock should. So don’t tell my other poor stripey socks this is what they should look like if I were a diligent knitter – just let them believe they are unique (because they are!).
I’ve already cast on another pair of socks, too. I loved this pair over at Woollen Wilderness so very much that I can’t resist making a pair (or 5) for myself. 
Now to sleep, press reset, and try a less unexpected start to my break again tomorrow.

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