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When I first found out about the existence of MadTosh’s unicorn tail mini skeins, I knew that if I ever found myself in the same room as them, I would be in trouble. I can’t help myself around tiny cute things, and tiny cute yarn is even worse. Squishy, soft, beautiful MadTosh yarn wound in tiny little skeins in a multitude of colors? Yes, please. Never mind that they are a bit unpractical for the price… when did practical ever really factor into yarn shopping? (I’m trying to work on that, I really, really am.) For little pops of color, they really are a wee bit of fun.

When I found a giant box of them at the yarn store during the Boxing Day sale, I couldn’t help myself. It took much self restraint to limit myself to only four tails. During a sale, something clicks on in your brain that says, “Buy more! Think of all your saving! You deserve it for how shopping savvy you are.” And just look how cute they look wound up in little cakes!

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I think I may be able to squeeze 3-4 hexipuffs out of each mini skein, working in stripes and spots, and whatever fun combinations I feel like at the moment. I love the idea of using these hexipuffs to give me little pops of crazy, spunky, bright color scattered throughout my beekeeper quilt (when it gets finished approximately 12.63 years from now at the pace I’m working at).

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  1. What a good idea for the Unicorn Tails…I’ve seen them at my LYS, but just couldn’t bring myself to buy them because I didn’t know what to use them for 🙂 Fun colors and I’m impressed with your restraint of buying only 4!

  2. Am I the only one not doing the beekeepers quilt????? I just can’t get in to it. (I think I did 3-4 hexis and hated doing them.) Now the minis…..I’m all over them!!!! check out the embroidery that autumngeisha has done on her hexis!!!

    • I will definitely check the embroidered ones. I like doing the little hexipuffs a little a few at a time. So it’ll take me forever to actually get enough for a quilt.

  3. Oh my giddy aunt! Those hexis are adorable! I love the colors you a paired. Madeline Tosh is my yarn store Kryptonite! I go in for a small inexpensive ball of wool costing NO MORE THAN $8 and I come out having spent $100. If I ever came across unicorn tails my husband would never ever forgive me.

  4. I’m pretty sure I had that exact same reaction when I first found out about the MadTosh unicorn tails! My wallet is just lucky that I don’t get the chance to go to physical LYSes these days.

  5. Unicorn tails, I didn’t even know they existed. I would not have been able to resist either!! And 12 years is probably a good estimate on when I will finish my beekeepers quilt as well, maybe not a bad idea to set some kind of hexipuff goal for 2015..

    • A goal would be a great idea, but I probably wouldn’t stick to it at all! I tried that at the beginning – having a monthly hexipuff goal, and immediately shirked it. Whoops.

  6. I always think about making a hexipuff throw..maybe next year I could take it easy and spend the whole year maknnig one, I still need to finish making squares for the blanket my Nanna started! Yours look gorgeous x

    • I have too much project ADD to try to make this throw in one go, but doing it in little spurts and bursts is nice and gives me a break from bigger projects when I just need something new on the needles.

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