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January socksJanuary socks

January socksJanuary socks
This week…

Knitting: I’ve been working on my January socks for Liesl’s monthly sock challenge, knitting up lots of teeny, tiny cables and twisted stitches. It’s taking a bit of time, but I’m almost to the heel of the right sock, and with less cables, the foot should (hopefully) go faster. As long as I don’t get stuck in second sock syndrome, these should be finished before the end of the month. I’ve also been making really good progress (and having good fun) on my Northern Neuk sweater, my first project that is part of Emily’s Love your Library challenge, and have reached the armhole bind-off. I’m still in that groove you have after the start of the new year where you can still believe that you will tackle all the challenges/resolutions/goals you’ve set for yourself. When February hits, we’ll see how optimistic I still am at keeping up with all these knitting challenges.

Reading: I’ve also set reading goals for myself this year because I was disappointed in how I let my reading slip last year. I mostly read before bed, but last year I let my knitting take over and would stay up far too late working on projects, leaving no time for bedtime reading. I’m trying to set boundaries for myself, like not bringing the iPad to bed to surf knitting patterns and reading instead. I finished Going Bovine on Sunday and have started up Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell (I really hope that is her real name because I love the idea of someone going through life with the name Rainbow). I’m loving Eleanor & Park so far – the writing is simple, but effective, immediately swallowing you up in the pure, true emotions of falling in love for the first time.

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32 Comments on Teeny tiny cables

    • The cables look quite nice once they take shape, even if they involve a lot of squinting to try to see what’s going on while I work them in the darker yarn.

  1. ooh, those socks look awesome already. And good luck with your reading goals for 2015! I carry a book with me everywhere, it’s the easiest way to squeeze in a bit of reading time wherever I find it.

    • That’s a great idea, Julie. When I’m reading an ebook, I usually always have my iPad with me, but lately I’ve been reading actual paper books.

  2. I’m on the same “increase my reading” kick – knitting, or planning more knitting project totally took over all my pre-sleep reading time last year and I find that when I fall asleep reading I sleep so much better than if I look at my computer right before bed. Good luck – also I adore the bright blue cables!

    • That is so true for me, too. Reading also helps me fall asleep much faster, whereas I otherwise start thinking about work, etc. and then keep myself awake with stress!

  3. So many cables! Impressive! Reading is something I always want to do more too everytime I read a good book, I think that I should read more often 🙂

    • I love reading and have been passionate about it since I was very young. Life just gets in the way a lot of the time, so I’m trying to make it more of a priority.

  4. Oh the little cables!!! How gorgeous! I love the feeling of a new year and new projects/knitting mojo…I”m focusing mine on finishing all the old, but I’m dying to start something new and big FOR ME!!!

  5. Beautiful! The colour is just amazing and I love those baby cables. I like to knit them too – the are great for dolls’ clothes and add such a nice texture, don’t you think?

  6. Uuuh yay for the new blog home! looks lovely! Will add the new rss, hope it works !
    Beauuuuutiful socks! I usually go for vanilla-plain socks, will have to try a more complicated pattern one of these days!
    And will check that challenge, sounds perfect for me. Socks-gallore!
    Big warm hugs <3

    • Thanks, Veronica. I know it’s a hassle to update things, but I appreciate it. I love vanilla socks, too – easy knitting you don’t have to think about. And you should definitely join the challenge. It’s a lot of fun and there are giveaways, too!

    • Thanks, Liesl! They are worth the time – I think these will become one of my favorite pair of socks when they are finished.

  7. I’m loving the new look to your blog! I too am working on reading more “for fun” this year–I miss reading good fiction! I’ll have to check out the books you’re reading–I just picked up the first two books in the Harry Hole mystery thriller series by Jo Nesbo, so I’m excited to start those!

    • Oh yay, I’m glad to hear that. I’ve heard lots of good things about it, so I was excited when I found it at the used book store.

    • Oh, I’m already cabling without a cable needle… I can’t stand those things. It’s just the tiny nature of the stitches and the fact that the yarn splits easily when I’m trying to transfer the stitches around.

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