2015-01-14 11.29.062015-01-14 11.23.46 It’s been a busy week as I settle into the new routine of the semester. I’ve managed to sneak in knitting here and there for an hour or two when I get home from work. Slow progress is being made, but at least it is being made. I hope that once I get more into the flow of things, I can fit in a bit more ‘me’ time, but that may be wishful thinking.

This week…

Knitting: I finished up the body of my Northern Neuk sweater and have started on the first sleeve. It’s easy knitting – stockinette in the round – so it’s great for couch knitting when I’m tired from the day. I’m almost done with the first of my January socks, too, almost exactly on schedule for where I need to be if they are going to be finished this month. They only get knit on during my commute, so I may pay a little more attention to them if I fall behind.

Reading: I have about 20 pages left of Eleanor & ParkIt has been such a pleasurable read that I have just breezed through it. The writing is honest and beautiful in its simplicity, that you are just sucked into these characters as their lives become so entwined. I often found myself smiling while reading, eagerly eavesdropping as the characters discovered each other, and by doing so, discovered themselves. I’m not sure what I will pick up next – maybe something more fantastical.

Watching: I’m on a total crime kick lately. I’m really enjoying the current season of The Good Wife, and I’m excited that the second season of Broadchurch has returned (and is already so stressful!). I’m also making my way through the very creepy The Fall on Netflix – it has a bit of a slow build, but it gets under your skin.

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  1. Wait, what? Broadchurch is back?? The American or British version?? DH and I loved the British version, but I couldn’t deal with the scene-by-scene replication in the American version (and some of the actors chosen were kind of meh…). Are they starting up a new mystery? Off to investigate … I’m in a mystery mood with my reading. I just picked up Tana French’s latest novel “the secret place” and am excited to start it!

    • Yes, the British version. I didn’t get into the American one, either, even though they said they would change the ending. This season just starts out where we left off, so not really a new mystery, but plenty of tension.

  2. I’m all over the place too since coming back after the holidays – and then disappearing off again for a few days – I don’t know if I’m coming or going and I keep hoping to squeeze out a bit more me time…but it’s tricky huh!

    you’re making great progress on the that sweater though. I still haven’t managed to “find the time” to sew on a few buttons and photograph the cardigan I made over Christmas (for shame!)

    • Things are always craziest at the start of the year. Hopefully things will settle down soon and we can get into our knitting grooves.

  3. we are in the first season of broadchurch! yikes! also I enjoyed eleanor and park as a read, I agree the writing was good. Glad the semester is treating you kindly 🙂

  4. I love the colour of the sweater on your needles! I think January and crime thrillers go hand in hand. I’m watching Broadchurch too, and can hardly stand the way it plays with my emotions. But it doesn’t stop me from tuning into the next episode. 🙂

    • I’m totally with you on that – it’s a roller coaster of emotions. But the acting is so good. I just have to find out what happens next!

  5. that’s a very good looking sleeve! I’m always excited by sleeves, because it means i’m almost done. I’m reading Lynn Coady’s short story collection Hellgoing, and it’s excellent. and We’ve been watching Veronica Mars on Netflix, a total guilty pleasure.

    • I don’t know why, but sleeves always take me forever. They seem like such slow going for some reason and I am never inspired to knit them. But at least I am almost there. Just have the second sleeve and the hood to go. And I love Veronica Mars! I wish the movie was on Netflix, too.

  6. I have also been eyeing this sweater from Knitscene. It is going to be a stunning piece 🙂
    The Fall had a big success in our home, I loved it! Exactly like you wrote: it got under my skin.

  7. Great to hear your Northern Neuk sweater is progressing so fast! I haven’t started the second season of Broadchurch yet, but I loved the first season. Is it enjoyable so far?

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