Last night, the strike came to an end after a month, the longest strike in University of Toronto history. Both sides decided to go to binding arbitration because we were at an impasse over the language of the agreement. Now it goes off to a neutral, third-party arbitrator and we wait to see what the outcome is. The whole thing ended up taking so much more time and effort than I had originally believed, that most days I found myself physically and emotionally drained.

The strike was full of frozen fingers and toes. It was full of warm coffee and fire barrels. It was full of new friends I would have never met. It was full of new understandings of the living conditions of my peers less well off. It was full of passion. It was full of fear. It was full of frustration. It was full of uncertainty. It was full of juice boxes and warm samosas. It was full of early mornings and late evenings. It was full of creativity. And it was even full of laughs. It had high points and low points. It had beautiful, brave undergraduates and faculty who stood behind us. It had misunderstandings and anger from those who wished to bring us down. But above all it was full of solidarity.

But now it’s time to try to heal and get back to our lives. And that means getting back to knitting. Here are some of the goodies I have in the works and on the needles. Hopefully with my free time back, I can get these finished up soon.

Photo Mar 16, 6 23 00 PM Photo Mar 16, 6 24 30 PM Photo Mar 16, 6 26 20 PM

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  1. I’m glad to hear that you are done striking for now. I hope that the arbitration gives those less well off grad students a bit of a better life. The life of a grad student is never easy and not having enough to make ends meet sucks. Congratulations on sticking it out in the weather and other problems. Nice knits.

  2. I’m glad the strike is over, it sounds like it was a really mixed experience- some good, but lots of struggle. your knits are looking good!

  3. Glad the strike is over and to have our TAs back! Crossing my fingers for a fair arbitration for grad students.
    Hoping to see you soon once Knit Wits starts up again 🙂

    • You and me, both. The strike was tough, on everyone. I totally understand now why no one should taking striking lightly. I can’t wait to get back to real life. And I hope some real goodness comes out of arbitration and the strike.

  4. Sounds like knitting was a much needed order from the menu. Glad to hear the strike is over and that knitting can provide a refuge from the stress and anxiety.

  5. glad to hear your will be getting your life back….what a stressor you’ve just been though. Hope the knitting helped a little with the destressing…you have some great things on the needles!

  6. Glad to hear it’s going off to arbitration-hopefully there will be a final agreement soon. I can’t imagine what the strike’s been like, but it must be a bit of a relief to have some normalcy back. Looks like you have some fun knitting in progress!

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