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Project: March Fruit Loop Socks

Pattern: Froot Loop

Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll Solids

One thing that I did manage to work on during the strike last month were my March socks for Liesl’s monthly sock challenge. And I finished them just in time.

For March, I chose something bright and happy to help shoo away the grey wintery blues. I don’t usually buy solid sock yarns. I think my brain just sees all the beautiful colors of handdyed skeins and, like some kind of psychotic bird, can’t help but hoarding them all. But I also often am drawn to sock patterns that just don’t work well with those sorts of yarns, like Froot Loop, where the beautiful stitch patterns would be completely lost in a variegated yarn. This pattern has been in my queue for a long while now, but I didn’t have a yarn suitable for it in my stash. Until I bought this yellow skein of Stroll on a whim when it was on sale a little while back. And it just matched up – cheery bright yellow and lacey cables like sprouting vines – perfect socks for welcoming spring (soon, I hope!)

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I really enjoyed this pattern. The eyelet lace pattern is one of my favorite to work and it provides interest without being too holey. I don’t like a lot of lace socks because I find them too open for my tastes in socks, and as a person whose feet are just always cold, even in the summer, I need my socks to do their job and keep my feet warm. But be pretty. Is that too much to ask?

But this pattern is a great one (and it’s free – hello!). It would make a fantastic pair of gift socks because it looks complicated and beautiful, but is relatively simple. The repeating pattern is so easy to follow and work on mindlessly without getting bored. Those are some of my favorite characteristics of sock patterns. And because they are ribbed, these socks are also forgiving in the width department.

And I have enough yarn left over that I’ve started a pair of Stitch Surfers with some left over self-striping yarn for my April socks.

23 Comments on March Fruit Loop Socks

  1. I love your bright, happy yellow socks, and that stitch pattern does look very impressive. I’m knitting some yellow socks too- after a long winter, who doesn’t need some cheery socks, right?

  2. Those are fabulous! Absolutely perfect for spring 🙂 I love the bright splash of color, and the stitch pattern really does look impressive. They look totally comfy, too!

    • Oh, they are totally comfy! I really like this yarn. I will definitely pick up some more with my next Knit Picks order.

  3. I have the same idea about lace sock patterns and I’ve been considering to knit this pattern too. The yellow really matches the pattern, they look great!

    • Thanks, Liesl. They were something bright to look forward to on dreary winter days when you felt like spring would never arrive.

    • Free patterns are the best. I usually try to aim for free sock patterns because I go through so many. Plus, there are so many out there to choose from!

    • It is a lot of fun to have a go-to project every month. As long as you don’t let the pressure of getting something finished in time get to you, it means you always have something fun on your needles. And I just love knitting socks. You can never have enough.

  4. Lovely socks, perfect to get Spring started. I also tend to be drawn to all the flashy sock yarns, while my pattern preference tends to lean towards lace socks. Not the best combination usually.

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