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Project: Pendulum shawl

Pattern: Pendulum by Amy Miller

Yarn: Madelinetosh Tosh Light in Charcoal and Medieval

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When times get stressful, sometimes all I need is an escape into a mindless knitting project. So when I had a quick moment to myself during the past month, I would grab my Pendulum shawl for some perfectly squishy garter stitch to de-stress from all the strike action. The wide stripes and short rows were the perfect amount of thinking my brain could handle, making this one really awesome and satisfying escape project.

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Now that the weather is (kinda, sorta, maybe) warming up a bit, a shawl makes a perfect removable layer. (Let’s just completely ignore the fact that it snowed yesterday. It’s melted away already, so it’s basically like it never happened.) I’m still aiming to make shawls work more with my wardrobe and lifestyle. There are so many beautiful patterns for them on Ravelry that I want to make, but I still sometimes feel awkward incorporating into my every day style. (A shawl + backpack just doesn’t always work the best when I head off to work.) There’s always the go-to, oversized scarf look, but with a shawl like this, you want to show off the great structural elements of the tapered rows. And I’ll admit I’m still a little stuck in the mindset that they are more of an older woman accessory when worn over the shoulders… but with so many modern and intriguing shawl patterns available, all it takes is a little confidence and styling to make a shawl work on any fabulous woman. And darn it, I will be one of those fabulous shawl women!

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This pattern is super dooper easy to follow and the end project is fun, graphically beautiful, and customizable. Like the other patterns of Amy Miller’s that I’ve made, I highly recommend it. And of course, Madtosh makes it warm, soft, and cozy. This shawl was made entirely with left over yarn from my previous Amy Miller project, my Crew sweater. I just love knitting with Madtosh. The love affair continues. If only my budget would stop betraying me with daily necessities and allow me to swim in a pile of beautiful merino-y goodness.

A project off the needles equals an excuse to cast on a new one. I’m leaning towards Old Romance, which is one of the projects on my Love Your Library challenge list. And by leaning, I mean I’ve already gotten out the yarn winder and started balling the skeins. Whoops.

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  1. oh I may have a new designe crush! Love your shawl, love mindless knitting – so relaxing! I am intending to always have a mindless project next to a more complicated one, especially for the weekends when it is full on with my boys – just so I feel I have achieved something!

  2. beautiful! leftover yarn? the colors work so well together that i would have thought you made a special trip to the LYS to pick up the yarn. so well done 🙂

  3. Love it! I remember going through the learning curve to become a shawl woman when I started knitting. You’re absolutely right-confidence is key! I love the stripes, and I can always go for more comfort knitting 🙂

  4. Beautiful shawl! Somehow the Spring-like weather is also making me want to cast on some shawls. although I promised myself to first finish off some winter projects.

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